Eagle Eye Music Promotions

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Eagle Eye Music Promotions

The 365 Radio Network is not your average internet radio station… We strive to create a network that is as unique as the artists we air and the listeners who tune in… Created by J.L. Hensley and co-owned by Sully McFly with the ideal to bring music to the world while at the same time getting up and coming Indie artists a chance to be heard… So when you join the 365 Radio Network… you are not only joining a powerful network that strives to bring Indie artists to the forefront but you are also joining a family…where it is our passion to bring others dreams to life…

Address : 116 W National Rd, PO Box #395 Englewood, Ohio

Email : eagleeyemusicpromotions@gmail.com

Phone : +1 937-963-7803

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