96 Buzz FM

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96 Buzz FM

The brainchild behind 96 BUZZ FM is Marc Neil –Jones who has lived in Vanuatu 23 years and has been a Vanuatu citizen for 9 years. He publishes the Daily Post and tourism newspaper What To Do In Vanuatu through the largest privately owned media group in Vanuatu. Marc was a DJ when he was young in London and DJ'd at leading nightclubs in Papua New Guinea in the early 80's before coming to Vanuatu and setting up Port Vila's first mobile disco in the early 90's. He loves music and news and wants the best of both available 24 hours a day seven days a week for the people of Vanuatu. Expect to hear smooth music and comprehensive news on the hour every hour every day. Even the commercials will sound professional and not scream messages to you, you don’t want to hear. Laughter is important and comedy will be part of the mix of information and entertainment you will hear 24 hours a day, 7 days a week from Friday 12th October 2012 on 96 BUZZ FM.

Address : PO Box 1292, Port Vila

Email : info@fm96.vu

Phone : (678) 24 427

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